Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"I want to be baptized"

6:35:39 PM EDT
Feast of the Gaurdian Angels

Dear family of faith,

A Marine sergeant walked into the Camp Ripper chapel this morning as I was preparing for Mass and said "I want to be baptized". A guardian angel at work? I told him that I could not offer him an easy or superficial way, but only the true way of Faith which demands commitment and preparation. I invited him to stay for our Latin and chant Mass at 1100 and he prayed with us. He will come back tomorrow for his first appointment to chat with me.

The worthiness and beauty of Latin prayer and the treasury of chant are recommended to us as jewels of our Roman rite. Christ promised, "When I am lifted up, I will draw all men to myself." The beauty and holiness of Christ present in the liturgy must indeed have the power to draw all men to Him because he is truly "lifted up" each time we celebrate the Eucharistic Sacrifice.

Please pray that Sgt Smith will persevere. There are many here who are willing to offer him a no-strings attached version of Christianity with no commitment to the Church through which baptism comes, Sunday worship, the sacraments and the other aspects of the life of Faith and morals handed down by the Apostles in fidelity to Christ.

That the whole world may be drawn to the Lord let us each truly "lift up" the glory of Christ before all in our lives, particularly each time we pray and worship, in a worthy and reverent way, the holy Mass. May He ever, through His holy Church, draw all men to Himself!

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