Wednesday, November 18, 2009

About the antiphons: "Tell out among the nations His glory":

Bishop Trautman suggested yesterday, in an intervention at the US Bishops' Fall meeting in Baltimore, that a particular translation of an antiphon from Latin into English would present a problem for worshipers in the United States. The antiphon in question is "Tell out among the nations His glory".

The latest from Bishop Trautman is that he is considering going to the Signatura in order to have his concern addressed. His opinion is that the whole body of US bishops should be given the translations of the antiphons for consideration before their inclusion in the final draft of the English translation of the Missale. He has called it an example of "going back on Vatican II" to remand the work of the antiphon translations to the congregation for worship in Rome, in order to speed up the process, at Rome's suggestion.

Would you be happy to proclaim or chant the above antiphon at holy Mass? Would it be a problem for you to say this antiphon at Mass as he has suggested?

Please see the poll at right to register your response.

History was made today when all of the agenda items regarding the proposed draft English translation of the Roman Missal, the book used for the prayer of holy Mass, were passed by wide margins by the bishops.


Jeffrey Pinyan said...

Regardless of the 'popular' use of the expression "tell out", I think we all know what it means. And, given that the antiphons are meant to be sung, I think sung texts deserve a greater poetic quality.

Argent said...

And if the word "glory" is melismatic, imagine that force of that.

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