Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cardinal George defines Health Care: "Everyone should be cared for and no one should be deliberately killed."

This statement by the president of the USCCB during the first day of the bishops' Fall meeting in Baltimore yesterday comes amid news announced by the White House that President Barack Obama has vowed to strip the Stupak Amendment, designed to prevent use of Health Care dollars to pay for abortions, from the final Health Care bill.

Read this again from Cardinal George's statement on the proposed Health Care reform approved yesterday by the body of US Bishops:

"In an essential step, the House voted overwhelmingly to reaffirm the longstanding and widely supported precedent that no federal funds will be used to pay for elective abortions. In doing so, the Representatives honored President Obama’s commitment to the Congress and the nation that health care reform would not become a vehicle for expanding abortion funding or mandates. The Conference will remain vigilant and involved throughout this entire process to assure that these essential provisions are maintained and included in the final legislation. We will work to persuade the Senate to follow the example of the House and include these critical safeguards in their version of health care reform legislation. We also thank the members of the House who took this courageous and principled step to oppose measures that would force Americans to pay for the destruction of unborn children, and the Democratic leadership for allowing the Representatives to vote on this amendment that protects the common good."

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