Saturday, November 7, 2009

Il cibo Italiano

Italian food

No visit to Italy is complete without a wide selection from among the offerings comprised of fresh ingredients and ancient and venerable recipes. Funghi porcini mushrooms are currently in season as well as artichokes so both are guaranteed both to be fresh ingredients and cooked up in a variety of ways.

This is the fried artichoke I sampled at the Taverna del Ghetto in Rome. It disappeared much too quickly.

I ate this kosher version of carbonara at the tavern in the Jewish ghetto of Rome. Veal and dried beef substituted for the prohibited pancetta and the sauce was sans cream. I prefer the typical recipe.

I dolci - the dessert selection - displayed for choosing.

The contorni- or side dishes -include melanzane (eggplant), patate (potatoes), zucchine, pomodori (tomatoes), and ulivi (olives).

Dried vegetables and meats hang above the glass display cases.

Fresh mozarella di buffala is produced near Naples and a must on the "to eat" list the closer you get to the city.

Snacking "al fresco" with the newspaper handy on the Amalfi coast in the most beautiful dining room of all: the masterpiece of the Divine Architect.

Pizza toppings include combinations such as hot dogs and french fries or sausage with onions.

The classic preparation of mozarella di bufala is the Caprese salad with tomatoes, basil and olive oil. I enjoyed this at one of my favorite eateries, the Giardini degli Aranci in my old neighborhood of Cuma where I lived for two years. Arcangelo, the proprietor, usually takes the time to sit and visit with me while I eat.

Panna cotta finishes up a great meal on a "sweet" note. Grazie tante, Arcangelo!

Here I am helping my host, Father Francis Tiso, make selections at the "fruttivendolo" in Isernia. Father cooked up a delicious evening meal of broccoletti lightly fried up together with green onions and salsiccia as a welcome break from a steady diet of pasta and bread.

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