Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Una passeggiata Romana

A Roman stroll

An Egyptian souvenir obelisque decorates the piazza at Santa Maria Sopra Minerva with a view of the Pantheon

The plash of the fountain in the Pantheon piazza

Art imitates nature in stone and nature enlivens art
through splashing reflection of light.

Street corner shrines both shed light to discourage crime at night while reminding passersby to follow the inner "light" of faith in their daily walk of life.

A courtyard provides practical storage for cars and a faux country view for relief of the city-weary.

Tramezzini sandwiches provide a colorful gustatory temptation.

The triton has been drinking for a long time and yet remains unsated.

Architectural gems are framed by surrounding buildings.

A uniform means one is serious about business.

Hotels on the Via Veneto and the American Embassy attract foreign stars of certain stripes.

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