Wednesday, October 28, 2009

L' Udienza Generale

The Wednesday General Audience with the Holy Father


Kay said...

Hi, were you in a special section for L' Udienza Generale? It appears from your photos that you had a very close, unobstructed view of the Pope. My experience of St. Peter's Square (JPII speaking from the window, so somewhat different) was being surrounded by huge crowds of people. I don't get that sense from your pictures. Awesome pictures at any rate. Thanks for sharing them.

MCITL said...

Hello Kay -
I had a press pass with permission to take photos. The photogs have a spot in the open between the steps of Saint Peter's and the barricades for the pilgrims on the square. I was able to take photos from just a few feet away.
The Wanderer will publish one of my photos on the front page this week.

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Thank you for visiting.


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