Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday at St Mary of the Assumption: Jesus says "no"

The Apostles wish to arrogate to themselves positions of power and prestige: "We want you to give us whatever we ask for". They think that greatness is achieved for those seated on lofty thrones, above the rest of humanity. Their request is denied: "That is not mine to give".

Our poor human love is like that of the Apostles James and John: we think that whoever loves us must give us whatever we want. We think that greatness means being served by the rest. For those who choose Jesus Christ, however, it must be different: "The greatest among you is the one who serves the rest."

In our families and in our parish life, we must prayerfully discern our desire to "be this", to "do that". All of those who assist our priests and deacons must avoid the temptation to arrogate roles of service to themselves: "let us sit, one at your right and the other at your left". Our intentions are good, but must be leavened first by discernment of our gifts and call, lest we risk creating dissension and disharmony in the community rather than building up in love: "When the ten heard this, they became indignant at James and John".

Of first importance for all of us must be our sharing in the Lord's "cup" and in His "baptism". He serves us in baptism by clothing us in the dignity of grace, a white royal garment. He serves our salvation by offering a share in the cup of his suffering: the blood of His Eucharist poured out abundantly for us and for the world.

In our prayers, in our lives, let our first request be for the gift of the Holy Spirit, that we may discern the Father's will in imitation of Christ, who "gives His life as a ransom for many". In that same Spirit may we be truly "wise" and in the graces of courage and perseverance live out the calling to serve in His love.

God bless you, and Happy Sunday!

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