Sunday, October 25, 2009

Official Finish Time 4:07

My MC Marathon official finish time is 04:07:55 (NET), Pace: 9:27. The D-tag, attached to the laces of my right shoe, began timing my run at the moment I crossed the start line, approximately 8 mins after the gun start.

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conor_cusick_75 said...

Fr. Kevin/Brother, Great Job! Way to go! I know it feels great -what an accomplishment! Enjoy:)) You beat me! my time in the Balto Marathon was 4:15!:)) We will have to run a marathathon

Dawn said...

Congratulations! Thanks for running!

MikeV said...

I saw Fr. Larry Swink in mile 14, but you were way ahead. Congrats on a strong finish

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