Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday at St Mary of the Assumption: Do not "go away sad"

Encounter Christ. Leave behind the "possessions" which are one's attachment to all in this world that will not last and run to embrace the only One who is everlasting.

Receive the Savior, who gives the entire gift of Himself in the Word and Sacrament of each holy Mass, through the sincere and total gift of self. One gives oneself by means of reverent and whole-hearted participation in all the actions, gestures, prayers, and songs of the sacred Liturgy so that Christ becomes more and more the treasure possessed by each member of God's faithful people.

With God all things are possible. The joy of loving is fulfilled in God's gift of Christ. In Him alone do we find the "all" for which we hunger.

Do not go away sad. Meet and love Christ in each and every sacred Liturgy. He gives Himself without counting the cost so that you might have the grace to give in return, wholeheartedly because without attachment to any worldly thing. Give with joy.

God bless you and happy Sunday!
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