Monday, July 12, 2010

Dawn Eden's devastating critique of Christopher West's TOB

Christopher West's claim to the mantle of Pope John Paul II in the effort to promote his version of teaching on Christian human sexuality and marriage, formally known as "Theology of the Body", has for years gone largely unchallenged. He may have just met his match in Dawn Eden, known widely for "Dawn Patrol", her popular blog and author of "The Thrill of the Chaste".

West's TOB has for years been widely promoted despite some glaring inadequacies such as a refusal of the Church's longstanding advocacy of avoiding the near occasions of sin as a means of growing in virtue. Eden also points out factors in West's background which feed his erroneous understanding of Church teaching on chastity and marriage. Dawn Eden is currently doing doctoral work and in the process has produced this long needed service to Church teaching on marriage and family life. You can read more about her critique here.

Blog post thanks to Patrick.

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