Thursday, July 8, 2010

Believe it Or Not

Dear friends,

If you receive an email such as the one following this note do not answer it. The only proper response: DELETE.

This the email I received this evening:

"Due to the congestion in our servers, We have come to realize that your account information on our database system are out of date, as a result of that we require you to verify your Information. Failure to verify your information will result in account suspension. If you are still interested in using our email service, Please click the reply button and fill the below spaces as requested. Learn more

Account name:
Country :

Note: This email is only for Account owner.
Thank you for using Gmail !

The Gmail Team"

1 comment:

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Yahoo and AOL account holders also receive email attempting such trickery to get their information. Sometimes it is hard to know what is real and what is not, but SNOPES is one good source to check out these things. Another is simply to contact the ISP to ask. AOL is easier than the other two providers to get an answer from. Thanks for sharing the warning. I imagine a lot of people get fooled.

Thank you for visiting.


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