Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Women & Divorce

I've been through a divorce, although very amicable. Sadly, many women are not in that situation. Statistically, women come off poorer in a divorce, especially if they've been homemakers. As in, women often feel that it's somehow their fault that the marriage failed, and
they don't put up a fight for their financial security. Typical situation: woman settles for half of the house, and some specified child support amount, and half of the savings. But American families don't have much in savings, and a house may have low equity (due to home equity loans, 2nd mortgages, interest-only mortgage, etc.), and even if the woman gets the house, she may not be able to afford to live in it. Bottom line for husband: he's in his peak earning years, and he's
keeping most of his paycheck, and slow-walking the child support payments (sadly, most men slow-walk the payments)...

-- J

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