Saturday, September 12, 2009

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time at Saint Mary of the Assumption: Rebuking Jesus

"Women priests". "Married priests." "No priests". (i.e. communion services.) Optional celibacy or no celibacy. This agitating, this murmuring, this dissent: this is "rebuking Jesus". This is "thinking as human beings do".

Some people want everything EXCEPT priests. Plain old priests as Jesus made and always makes them and always will make them. Priests in communion with Peter, the first vicar of priests, who confess that Jesus is "the Christ".

And Jesus rebukes us as he did Peter: "Get behind me, Satan". Awful words, fearful words. But true.

Is the lack of priestly vocations in the Church today perhaps a rebuking from the Lord? Have we begun to think as the world does, and not as does God?

Until we obey the Lord Jesus and beg for the grace to think as God thinks, to love as God loves, to accept the truth of God, we will get what we deserve.

Now, what are you going to do?

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum!

-- ((((..))))

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AndyBoyUK said...

Thank you Fr. Kevin, I.m 70 and you are are telling us in terms that Priests used when I was young, continue telling us in your way, as it should be, even if it hurts someone, "Get behind me Satan" are words we should all use most days of our lives

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