Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today at Saint Mary of the Assumption: Called to "enter into Life."

Cut off one's own hand or foot? Pluck out one's own eye?

God pours out the Holy Spirit in the teaching authority He gives to His Church. Thus we know that the "hand", the "foot" or the "eye" that we need to "cut out" if we would enter into Life are the near occasions of sin. What are these "near occasions"? These are the people, places and things that have led us into sin in the past.

We answer God's call in the Spirit to enter into life abundant and eternal, we live in hope, as we grow in the strength of God for conversion, to say "no" to "the world, the flesh and the devil".

God gives the gift of hope to which we are called each time we make an act of contrition. This is especially so after a good confession when, through sincere sorrow for sin, we promise to avoid the near occasions of sin in the future.

Called to cut away all that is not holy, true or good. Called to "enter into life".

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