Saturday, September 5, 2009

More on Women & Divorce

My contributor, J., has sent more info about Women & Divorce.

- The ex-spouse can receive Social Security benefits on the other ex’s records if the marriage lasted at least 10 years. I had said 11 years. Suggest you include this link for official info on divorced spouse SS benefits:

- Link to UK story about a study on how women end up poorer after divorce (refutes the myth that men end up worse off):

- Link to San Diego Union Tribune story about how women (especially homemakers) end up worse off because when the courts split the assets 50/50, they don’t take into account the value of the husband’s career (article includes advice to women about getting the right financial settlement):

- Good info from Government Executive magazine about federal retirement benefits for divorced spouses:

But unlike Social Security, these benefits are not automatic; they have to be part of the settlement. However, once the court has granted the benefits, the Office of Personnel Management & the Thrift Savings Plan takes care of making the payments (no need to go to court to garnish the former spouse’s retirement check).

Check to make sure your attorney is informed on these issues.

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