Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Part II: Women & Divorce

... therefore he's economically better off. Wife's struggling to get a decent-paying job, living in a down-market apartment or with her parents or siblings, plus feeding & clothing kids. And nobody's
saving for the kids' college tuitions either; wife's retirement savings don't look so good either. Wife is poorer; so are the kids.

Meanwhile, ex-husband finds new wife, starts 2nd family (no matter how big a creep* the guy is, this ALWAYS seems to happen, mainly because, again, he's in his peak earning years). He tells the family court judge that his child support payments need to be reduced because: (1) he's got babies at home; and (2) ex-wife has a college education, her kids are older now, and she should be earning good money herself if only she wasn't so lazy about getting a real job.

(* Editors' note: Yes, there is a lack of objectivity on the part of the editor, at least at the present time...praying about this ((((..)))) )

-- J

More tomorrow...

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