Thursday, June 4, 2020

My latest column: “Coronavirus Cult vs Christianity?”

June 3, 2020

Christ offers the fact of salvation through the Catholic faith. This is a reality which guides us through the vicissitudes of history.

Changing circumstances through time and varying place by place since the Lord’s Passion, death, and Resurrection have included the eruptions of false cults and syncretist transmogrifications of the true faith, challenging Christians to recognize what is false and reject it for the sake of salvation in the truth alone.

The Lord’s command, “I am the Lord thy God. You shall not have false gods before me,” binds us to recognize when lies are mixed with truth and to keep the faith pure and without admixture of superstition and manmade cults.

Unlike the world, which changes like the theories of science, the faith alone remains as the sole connection to Christ the Savior. One cannot look to science or medicine, which can only delay the death of the body, to prevent both body and soul from being cast forever into Gehenna.

As opposed to the fact of faith we have the shifting theories of science. Some medical doctors change their advice from day to day. One particular doctor went from recommending masks not be worn to virtually requiring their use universally, all within the space of three months.

Doctors and others recommended total shutdowns of work and school, apparently without considering the consequences. Those consequences are now upon us and they are devastating. The doctors don’t have to live with the results of their advice, while now millions of Americans struggle with joblessness, poverty, depression, and sometimes even suicide.
Doctors who opposed the “company line” were ignored and many still are. They are banned from YouTube and other forms of social media because they do not conform to the latest among a constantly changing series of officially designated responses.

One would be forgiven for suspecting that the motive here is not health, but in some instances social control. When public safety rests upon shifting opinion rather than fact, there is the potential for a cult. When people’s fears are exploited for manipulation, and risk is enabled by irresponsible advice, superstitions can run rampant.
Then there are the facts.

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