Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fasting: "And when I am alone give me Jesus".

Fasting takes away the comfort of food, something people often turn to when alone and uncomfortable being so.

Fasting helps us to realize with greater intensity our complete dependence upon God.

On Ash Wednesday may of us received ashes at Mass with the words, "Remember man you are dust and to dust you shall return". We have all come from God and all of us must face the conversion point in our lives when we humble ourselves before Him and recognize that we must choose to go back to Him when our earthly life is done, when we are truly alone before God and must love Him, or not.

Jesus us given to us as our way back to God. Fasting is a spiritual weapon against the evils that threaten our "filial" relationship as sons and daughters who, like Christ, must put our total trust in the Father.

Thanks to my friend Monsignor Pope over at the Archdiocese of Washington blog for pointing me in the direction of meditating upon Fasting and this lovely song "Give me Jesus".

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