Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunday 27A. "The God of peace will be with you": Christ yields the fruit of peace, evidence of God's love, for all through the vineyard of the Church

A young woman growing up in France many years ago wanted to be a priest. She heard God calling her to go out and work in his vineyard. In her holy love for God she could think of nothing greater than celebrating Holy Mass and giving the Body and Blood of the Lord to His people.

She found upon inquiring, however, that it was a certain teaching of the Church that the priesthood could be conferred only upon men. Therese did not respond to this news with anxiety but rather with authentic faith. She did not leave the Church in anger when she became aware of this difficult teaching. Neither did she found her own "church" so that she could have things as she wanted. She continued to live as a faithful daughter of the Church and to discern her vocation.

Visit Meeting Christ in the Liturgy for the full text of the homily for the 27th Sunday of the Year by clicking here.

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