Saturday, October 29, 2011

CUA VP of Public Affairs: “We have not yet received any legal filing from the Office of Human Rights" referring to Mr. Banzhaf’s allegations

Intimidate the landlord into handing over a space free of charge on campus by fighting a battle for public sympathy in the press, get it designated "Muslim only", outgrow the space and come back demanding a larger beachhead, in a continuing process of reverse colonialism until, voila!, through higher rates of reproduction, continuous intimidation and a battle of wills, "The Muslim University of America". Don't think it's happened before?


Muslim Issue Hits National News

Amanda Pellegrino, Tower Staff
October 28, 2011
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“We have not yet received any legal filing from the Office of Human Rights referring to Mr. Banzhaf’s allegations,” said Victor Nakas, Associate Vice President of Public Affairs. “No students have registered complaints about the exercise of their religions on our campus,” said Victor Nakas to FOX News.

For full story click here to go to The Tower, official newspaper of CUA.

Photo: CUA Gibbons Hall from The Tower website.

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