Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Comunque, siamo amici": Requiescat in pace Monica di Maulo

A wife and mother, a woman who loved to dance and who loved America and made many friends here, has departed this life. She leaves behind a good man who is her husband and their two daughters.

Once, early in our acquaintance, when the idea of friendship can seem quite tenuous and one can be unsure of its progress, she said a very generous and beautiful thing: "Comunque, siamo amici", that is to say, "anyway, we are friends".

Yes, we are friends: in all ways, always, and despite all.

Already, we pray, she is performing the most beautiful dance of her life for the most wonderful audience of all: God and His angels and saints.

We pray you rest in the peace of Christ, the Lamb of God, who is seated upon the throne and we pray you now hear Him say these wonderful words to you, "Comunque, siamo amici".

Rest in peace, Monica, as the friend now of Christ the Lord forever and ever. Amen.

In photo: Monica, left, with friends. Courtesy of Facebook friend Ana Lozar.

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