Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank You Archbishop Nienstedt!

Minnesota's Archbishop John Nienstedt needs your prayers and support.

Just a few days ago, homosexual activists wearing rainbow sashes and buttons attempted to receive Holy Communion from him during Mass. The activists even bragged: "We were making a statement during the Eucharist."

His Excellency stood firm, blessed them, but charitably denied them the Eucharist.

Sign our petition in support of Archbishop Nienstedt here!

Anti-marriage activists in Minnesota are furious at the Archbishop for backing a statewide mailing of DVD's to every Catholic in Minnesota urging them to support a constitutional amendment to protect marriage. The media is hounding the Church, calling the effort 'too political' and demanding to know who paid for the mailing (a private donor paid for the DVD's).

As Americans, we acknowledge that citizens are free to disagree with the Church. But a Catholic bishop has every right to speak to the Catholics in his diocese – even during election season!

And those that disagree with the Church have no right to scandalize the faithful by turning the "source and summit" of our life as Catholics into a political spectacle.

Our Bishops get criticized a lot -- sometimes legitimately, sometimes unfairly. For this reason, we believe it is all the more important that the laity encourage and applaud the courage of Bishops when they boldly stand up for the teachings of our Church, and in this case – to protect the Holy Eucharist.

We have a simple message for Archbishop Nienstedt --- THANK YOU! We stand with you. We are praying for you. May Our Lord grant you the graces necessary to resist the attacks, and the courage to stand firm in defense of His Church and the Holy Eucharist.

Add your name to our letter to Archbishop Nienstedt here --


Brian Burch

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