Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good News on Stem Cells

Baltimore Families Given Chance to Save Lives through Cord Blood Donations

Are stem cells saving lives? Yes. Adult Stem Cells.

For proof, look at little Mason Shaffer, one of thousands saved by adult stem cells thanks to umbilical cord blood.

Baltimore Archbishop Edwin O'Brien, with officials from Mercy Medical Center and Community Blood Services of New Jersey, launched the first public cord blood program in Maryland on October 11. The free program enables new mothers at Mercy to donate their child's umbilical cord to a public blood bank. Until now, their only options were to throw the cord away or pay for private banking.

"Allowing parents to make the harmless and life-saving donation of their baby's umbilical cord fits beautifully with Catholic hospitals' mission of providing life-affirming health care," said Archbishop O'Brien.

For more information, read the press release and articles in the Catholic Review and Baltimore Sun. Or view video from Ch. 13 WJZ and Ch. 11 WBAL.

Photo courtesy Owen Sweeney III/The Catholic Review

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