Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corso a Villa Borghese, Le Figlie di San Giuseppe, Santa Maria in Trastevere

A run in the Villa Borghese, the Daughters of Saint Joseph and the church of Santa Maria in Trastevere

Early today I ran in the park of Villa Borghese and took in the panoramic view of Roma available along its western edge. The air was crisp but warmed up quickly with the sky largely clear of cloud cover to hamper the effect of the strong October sun.

The Villa is spread over the Pincian hill and you can get an idea of some of the views available from the top photo of Piazza del Popolo spread out below the park with Saint Peter's dome beyond. At other points you can look south to the Alban Hills on the left and the Vatican Observatory perched on a hilltop to your right.

I trekked to Trastevere for a visit with the Figlie, the Daughters of Saint Joseph, who make vestments among other apostolates. I enjoyed some joking and laughter with these humble women who glorify God in a unseen way by making beautiful things for the glory of God in the celebration of Mass. I was not permitted to take photos of some of the beautiful work they are doing to restore antique vestments and church furnishings but can tell you that they do some of the finest and most exacting detail work you could imagine for many different churches including the Vatican.

I made a visit to Santa Maria in Trastevere with its ancient and beautiful mosaics and devotional art (lower photo) such as the icon of Theotokos from the end of the seventh century which you can see by clicking here.

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