Friday, October 8, 2010

Sunday Rest and Mass: taken for granted?

It is common to see many in Christian societies failing to observe the sacred rest commanded by God on Sundays as well as the profanation of the Lord's Day on the part of the many who shun Sunday Mass, sometimes in favor of work that could be put off to other days of the week.

Here is a reminder that might help us to better appreciate and observe the Christian covenant rest and worship on Sundays and the privilege of living in a free country where we can exercise our right to worship for the most part without fear.

Catholic migrant in Saudi Arabia: Three years without a day of rest and mass

by Santosh Digal

In the Islamic country there is no freedom of religion. In order to keep her faith alive the woman took refuge in her room to pray. Filipino bishops call on the faithful to pray and reflect on the plight of workers abroad.

Manila (AsiaNews) - "During my three years working in Saudi Arabia I was never allowed to leave the house or have a day off to go to mass”. This is the story of Rebeka Perlas, a 35 year old from the Philippines, who until last week was employed as a maid in a Muslim family in Riyadh to maintain her two sons. "The only thing I could do – she adds – was get up every morning at 3 and recite the rosary on my knees in my room, before beginning my days work."

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Wendy Susanna said...

I have often considered what it would be like for those who do not have the religious freedom to attend Mass and practice the regular activities as Catholics that we, in free countries, take for granted. As I was looking for a new church, I went through a feeling quite similar. I didn't want to go back to my old church, but I didn't feel comfortable in a new one yet. What I missed most was the freedom to go to Mass and worship as I wished - whenever I wished. That unsinkable feeling drove me to find a new church quicker than anything else.

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