Saturday, April 3, 2010

WaPo fans the flames of hatred and injustice: Cantalamessa quoted a letter, the words of a Jewish friend

And this is a new crime of the Catholic Church?

Today's WaPo gets headline fodder out of the remarks by Father Cantalamessa at yesterday's Good Friday liturgy in Rome with the Holy Father.
Writers Michael E. Ruane and William Wan accuse the Capuchin preacher of "fanning the flames" of the controversy surrounding the Church. A simple examination of the facts reveals that the opposite is exactly the case. The WaPo is guilty itself of the crime of encouraging more anti-Catholic attacks. Simply read the disgusting comments that follow said article in their on-line edition. I cannot repeat here the filth I read there this morning.

Here are the words of a Jewish friend:

"I am following with indignation the violent and concentric attacks against the Church, the Pope and all the faithful by the whole world. The use of stereotypes, the passing from personal responsibility and guilt to a collective guilt remind me of the more shameful aspects of anti-Semitism. Therefore I desire to express to you personally, to the Pope and to the whole Church my solidarity as Jew of dialogue and of all those that in the Jewish world (and there are many) share these sentiments of brotherhood. Our Passover and yours undoubtedly have different elements, but we both live with Messianic hope that surely will reunite us in the love of our common Father. I wish you and all Catholics a Good Easter'."

Our Jewish friend said that the current attacks on the Church "remind" him of the Shoah. That is, the current tidal wave of injustice simply "brings to mind" anew for this Jewish man the painful and horrific crimes of many years ago. This is not an equation. He does not say that the current events to which he refers are the same as the Jewish holocaust. But that is what the media must make the public believe in order to "fan the flames" of hatred and injustice. And that is what they accuse Father Cantalamessa of doing.

The reactions of the media spinners only further prove the point: the "crime" here, in the case of those who disagree with Father Cantalamessa's choice to speak out, is on the part of an individual quoting the letter of a Jewish friend who is als0 exercising his freedom to speak his mind. This is not another opportunity for attacking the Church as if the Body of Christ is now again judged collectively guilty of wrongdoing.

Instead of exercising the responsibility of stating the facts, this event is instead abused as another opportunity to go on the attack.

Michael E. Ruane and William Wan, lay down your arms. Declare peace. The wounds of abuse are not healed by more abuse. The search for justice is not advanced by more injustice.

Work for justice if you want peace. Stop the injustice of "collective guilt". The source of the sin and crime of abuse is personal guilt on the part of individuals. This is where healing begins for victims: with the facts.
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