Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jesus Christ Eternal High Priest, sanctify our priests!

«Fedeltà di Cristo, fedeltà del sacerdote»
[O]ur needs, our limits and weaknesses must lead us anew to the Heart of Jesus. If it is in fact true that sinners, by contemplating Him, must learn from Him the necessary "sorrow of sins" that leads them to the Father, this is even more true for sacred ministers.

How to forget, regarding this, that nothing makes the Church, Body of Christ, suffer so much as the sins of her shepherds, above all of those who turn into "robbers of sheep" (John 10, 1), either because they misguide them with their private doctrines, or because suffocate them within snares of sin and of death? Even for us, dear priests, the call to conversion and to recourse to Divine Mercy holds true, and we ought also to present with humility to the Heart of Jesus the request that He preserves us from the terrible risk of harming those whom we are bound to save.
Benedict XVI

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memoriadei said...

Happy Father's Day ! Thank you for all you do. For the priesthood, see what is growing at God bless you !

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