Monday, June 1, 2009

The Casbah

View of the reconstructed walls of the casbah high over modern Agadir.

A photo from 1950 shows the concentration of buildings existing inside the casbah before the overwhelming destruction of the 1960 earthquake which desolated it and left it the empty abandoned site of today.

The casbah is the ancient fortress on a high point overlooking the modern city of Agadir.

Camel rides are offered .

Ancient doorway of the fortress looks down on new city below along the coast.

Camels, merchants hawking wares and a stupendous view await visitors.

Wild cats have an exotic look with long pointed ears.

View of the arc of sandy beach, "La Plage" of Agadir.

Shepherd on motorbike corrals a wayward lamb back to the fold.

Costumed Berber demonstrates adept handling of a snake.

Haggling over handmade Moroccan crafts.

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