Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moving: "I am a pilgrim on the earth..."

"... like all my fathers before me."

None of us have a permanent home here on earth, and the Psalm reminds us to keep our eternal destiny ever before us. Transfers arising for the sake of work, to a new home or as part of our chosen vocation also provide signposts on our way to the Father.

Thank you, Kane Office Movers! "Phase One" complete.

Somebody asked me today, "How many phases are there?" The answer? "Depends."

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Gerard Christman said...

Fr. Cusik, thank you very much for your ordained ministry and your service to our great nation. Although you were here in St Peter's briefly, my family and I will not forget your compelling and very direct Homilies. May God bless you wherever you may be assigned next.

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