Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vatican Newspaper speaks out on NY sex ed push

Vatican Newspaper Responds to New York Sex Education

The Question of Sex Education
Not Just Any Matter

Now it is New York’s turn: Dennis Walcott, Chancellor of the city’s Department of Education, has mandated that with the new school year students between the ages of 11 and 18 will be required to attend a course in sexual education for at least one semester. The new course is part of an initiative launched by Mayor Bloomberg to improve the lives of black and latino teenagers, saving them from a misery to which they seem destined. To avoid religious controversy, chastity will be cited among birth control methods and teachers will have to speak about sex with some caution. But this is not enough according to Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who criticized the initiative, stating that in this way authorities allow “the public school system to substitute its beliefs and values for those of the parents”.

Once again, we see the repetition of a model already tried by many other countries: the State decides to include compulsory sexual education in schools, and the Catholic Church opposes it, earning the image of an obscurantist force, cruel because of it indifference to the consequences its refusal could have among young people, that is, unwanted pregnancies and disease. However, that is not how things stand.

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