Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why is the Secret Service apologizing?

The powers that be and the WH social office made the decision to leave the SS alone at the gate to vet guests. It is very doubtful that those responsible for the Salahi WH security breach have yet taken responsibility.

In regard to bearing false witness, the Catechism has the following to say in paragraph 2476:

"False witness and perjury. When it is made publicly, a statement contrary to the truth takes on a particular gravity. In court it becomes false witness. When it is under oath, it is perjury. Acts such as these contribute to condemnation of the innocent, exoneration of the guilty, or the increased punishment of the accused. They gravely compromise the exercise of justice and the fairness of judicial decisions."

Sometimes people are quick to say "I'm sorry" when they did nothing wrong, a "condemnation of the innocent". If this leads to a confusion about the truth, is it a kind of "false witness"?

Sometimes silence is the most appropriate response.

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