Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday at St Mary of the Assumption: Embracing our baptismal vocation

... the preparation in grace for the battle and the victory of the Lord's life and love over sin and death.

John the Baptist offers a sign of repentance to "prepare!" for the coming of redemption. Our baptism is no mere sign but the receiving of a real gift: the Lord Himself by grace through faith.

In our liturgy the Lord gives Himself so that we may not be left to prepare on our own: without him we can "do nothing". Generous love expressed liturgically for the Lord truly present deepens the graces of faith first received in Baptism.

It is a very little thing for us to genuflect upon entering and before departing our churches where Christ is present in the tabernacle.

It is a very small gesture to stop and make a profound bow before approaching the priest to receive communion.

Done with love, these very small gestures of adoration grow our faith into a more profound experience. Our baptismal calling and grace is deepened and we are strengthened by God's own love to reject the false promise of sin that leads to death.

The reasons for despair, the tragic reality of sin in our world, make necessary a more than merely superficial preparation for this battle of life and death. Intense and profound prayer in Mass gives us the weapons to fight and to win. The gift of ourselves in word and gesture is the spiritual sacrifice that gives glory to God.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and forever!

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