Friday, December 4, 2009

The venerable "personal TV shrine" is now a thing of the past

Remember the old days when everybody thought they needed a TV in every room of the house? Now a laptop will do.

When even a TV exec is having trouble getting used to the fact that her daughter refuses to include a TV in her dorm room furnishings, you and I are also likely to be slow to the realization that now, more than ever, there is need for one less piece of furniture.

Time to replace that old electronic shrine with a real one: how about beginning with a statue or picture of your child's patron saint placed in a corner or on a tabletop as a focus for prayer together in the evenings before bed?

Caveat: Laptop use in private has just as many and more perils as personal TV use. Vigilance, please.
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Image: The Philips TX400 is said to be the first television. Source: Google images.

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