Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just asking

"From the ambo only the readings, the responsorial Psalm, and the Easter Proclamation (Exsultet) are to be proclaimed; it may be used also for giving the homily and for announcing the intentions of the Prayer of the Faithful. The dignity of the ambo requires that only a minister of the word should go up to it.

-- General Instruction of the Roman Missal, (USCCB Committee on the Liturgy)

And was it necessary that the eulogies by prominent, national, public advocates for abortion and infanticide be delivered at the ambo from which the Scriptures are proclaimed during the Kennedy funeral Mass televised today from OLPH Basilica in Boston?

More liturgical sloppiness resulting in a mess for the rest of us to clean up...

Nota bene: This post has nothing whatsoever to do with the duty of the Church to commend Edward Kennedy, and all who have died, to the mercy of God. May they rest in peace.

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