Monday, August 31, 2009

Bishop Martino of Scranton resigns: "Insomnia and fatigue"

"For some time now there has not been a clear consensus among the clergy and people of the diocese of Scranton regarding my pastoral initiatives or my way of governance. This development has caused me great sorrow, resulting in bouts of insomnia and, at times, a crippling physical fatigue."
-- the Most Rev. Joseph F. Martino,
D.D. Hist. E.D., Bishop of Scranton, a champion for the sanctity of every human life, in season and out of season, who has resigned today for reasons of health. Pray for him and the unborn for whom he was willing to stand up and to suffer great scorn and vilification.

Read less-than-sympathetic coverage about Bishop Martino's resignation here.

More balanced coverage of this story provided by Lifesite News. Find it here.

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