Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why Catholicism is about representing God

Yes, Kathleen, there is a pope. And it ain't Obama.

Have you read Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's column in Newsweek, "Why Barack Obama represents American Catholics better than the pope does"? If Catholicism was about "representing American Catholics" Kathleen might have a point. But it isn't, so she doesn't.

Catholicism is about representing God and thus Catholicism is also about representing and teaching the truth. And the pope has the grace of teaching the truth infallibly in matters of faith and morals. Last I checked, Prez Obama doesn't fit that description. In my most recent column penned for The Wanderer, I begin this way:

"One must truly admire Kathleen Kennedy Townsend’s frequent, determined and overreaching efforts to be taken seriously. First it was a failed bid for elected Democratic office in the state of Maryland where no Democrats have lost an election as far back as Agnew until Townsend came along. Now she strides fearlessly into the world of theology as she pontificates in Newseek magazine that “Obama represents American Catholics better than the Pope does.” Yes, Kathleen, there is a Pope and he represents, not American Catholics, but rather Jesus Christ. And that is the point of the whole exercise: Catholicism is about representing Christ to the world; bringing the truth and salvation of Christ to the world. Catholicism is not a plebiscite broken into national denominations in search of elected representatives. Obama is no more qualified to represent what is Catholic than is the Dalai Lama."

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Ms. Kennedy-Townsend, way to go Father C.

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