Friday, May 15, 2009

In Africa

Landed close to noon today at airport near Agadir, Morocco. Flight was about about eight hours. Picked up and loaded bags on trucks and ourselves on buses for the first overnight near Agadir.

I saw a Marine walking around while we were waiting for the buses to depart the airport today as if looking for something and then overhead him tell his companions he could not find a drinking fountain or other water source. I reminded him that we have been advised not to drink the tap water here because of bacteria. I later pulled out my water bottle purchased in New Orleans and found the Marine and said, "My 'Boss' told me to give a drink of water to the thirsty" as I handed the bottle to him. He gladly took a drink and said, "Thanks for remembering me." The Gospel is pretty practical, is it not? To forget this sometimes means we lose the opportunity of loving Christ in our neighbor.

We are also in the neighborhood of Marrakech, a more famous destination, as evident from the signage along our route. Our police motorcycle escort caused curiosity among the locals as they stopped to try and see just who were these very important visitors who enjoyed priority over other traffic. Locals travel by moped and a few by bike. Many appeared to be on their way to the Friday mosque prayers. The arid landscape here is dotted pretty thoroughly by trees even where not actively cultivated. The palm and olive trees here are typical of the mediterranean region. Grass and flowers must be fostered by irrigation. No views of the sea yet.

The locals we have met speak Arabic and French but no English.

Some hours were spent in the sun today organizing our group for overnight stay and further transportation.

Two hot meals today and some catching up on sleep. Tomorrow will be an early day. Bonne nuit! Tousbh aala khair!

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