Thursday, May 14, 2009

En Route

Arrived New Orleans and awaiting transportation for a few hours. Piped jazz music and free wifi on the atrium at Louis Armstrong Int'l Airport.

Travel refreshes awareness that I will pick up and move again this year. Moved in 2006, moved in 2007, moved in 2008 and will move again in 2009. Details forthcoming as available.

Is change the only permanent, dependable, reality in this world? Christ has come into the world so that we might possess,in Him, the only thing that lasts: Divine Love.

Not for me the carefully manicured existence, a luxury of stability. Is it not also the embedded presence of the chaplain that brings into contact with the Word those who will never enter a church or who are alienated from the Church?

My consolation prayer and, today, Psalm 139 (138) as illuminated in Breviarium Romanum. Take a look.

More information about our ultimate "destination" after arrival due to military infosec precautions. Perhaps photos also depending on technical support (read electricity).

Hint: Am going both to a new country AND a new continent; this will make four of seven.

Peace: Pray for it,
your travelling correspondent

(Photo: West Expansion Lobby, New Orleans Int'l Airport. Photo album here.)

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