Friday, May 29, 2009

Comment allez vous?

How are you? Thank you for your visit to A Priest Life.

I posted fresh photos today of our surgical/medical team here at African Lion exercise 2009. You can see them by clicking this link. Your chaplain blogger was deployed with the Navy team of doctors, nurses and corpsmen from 4th Marine Logistics Group.

See photos of our first foray of liberty to explore the local people, food and culture by clicking here.

Please send your comments and visit again later for more photos of the Morocco deployment.


Bon soir,

Father Kevin M. Cusick
Agadir, Morocco

(Photo: Marines at rest stop along highway between Agadir and Tan Tan, Morocco.)

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timh said...

Rather I would say 'merci' to you and our men and women in service to our country!
Thank you, especially for your other blog with the daily readings; I have particularly benefited as we're doing Acts in the LRSS series this year!

Thank you for visiting.


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