Saturday, June 25, 2011

Solemnity of Corpus Christi: God's Got Talent! In the Holy Eucharist the One who is greatest becomes the least and the most humble among us

People love theater and love to be entertained. They also like to be surprised by big talent that comes in unassuming or humble people.

One of the most popular shows on TV invites people from all walks of life to display their talent in front of three judges. If they prove to have a skill worthy of the stage they get an opportunity to advance in the competition for a chance at a career in show business. One appeal of the show seems to be the element of suspense as the audience experiences a role in the discovery of a new and exciting talent for singing, dancing or other means of entertainment. The show also affirms the nearly limitless ingenuity and resourcefulness of the human person, created by God with great dignity and potential.

The best and most captivating entrance is a humble one followed by the revelation of awe-inspiring greatness. Recently an unassuming young man on the show about which I have been speaking wowed the audience and had them on their feet cheering with his tremendous dancing after a very simple and self-effacing introduction. His talent far outweighed his sense of self-importance and endeared him all the more to the audience.

No one can outdo God. And when it comes to God's presence in our lives, no one is greater. In the gift of Himself in every Mass, truly present as He is in the Eucharist, no one outdoes God in humility for in this way the greatest becomes so small so as to be the least among us, inviting us to receive Him without fear.

For the full text of homily for Corpus Christi visit Meeting Christ in the Liturgy by clicking here.

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