Thursday, September 2, 2010

Benedict Sunday Morning: "O Esca Viatorum"

Our choir is preparing this hymn for the Missa Cantata next Sunday.


Anonymous Seventeenth Century Hymn. Translation: W.H. Shewring.

O esca viatórum,

O panis angelórum, O manna coélitum,

Esuriéntes ciba, Dulcédine non priva

Corda quæréntium, Corda quæréntium.

O lympha, fons amóris,

Qui puro Salvatóris, E corde prófluis

Te sitiéntes pota, Hæc sola nostra vota,

His una súfficis, His una súfficis.

O Jesu, Tuum vultum,

Quem cólimus occúltum, Sub panis spécie,

Fac, ut remóto velo, Post líbera in cælo

Cernámus fácie, Cernámus fácie.

English translation:

O Food of travellers, angels' Bread,

Manna wherewith the blest are fed,

Come nigh, and with Thy sweetness fill

The hungry hearts that seek Thee still.

O fount of love, O well unpriced,

Outpouring from the heart of Christ,

Give us to drink of very Thee,

And all we pray shall answered be.

And bring us to that time and place

When this Thy dear and veiled face

Blissful and glorious shall be seen -

Ah Jesus, with no veil between.

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