Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Ms Dowd: let me introduce you to my little friend, Mr Google

Miss Maureen Dowd, the reigning queen of mean who gets in line with everybody else to call hate a crime but reserves the right to unload her considerable poisonous bile on Pope Benedict and the Church, quotes Canon 1404 in her recent column as if to thereby prove that the Pope considers himself above God's judgment.

Doubtless her snide superiority complex must leave her resting with the self-satisfied assurance that her considerable analytical abilities leave undisputed as fact that this canon frees the Pope, or anyone else within or without the Church, of the certitude of God's judgment or the responsibility incumbent upon all, including the Pope, for assiduous and persevering application of the gift of reason to include determination of guilt or innocence with regard to alleged cases of the crime of sexual abuse.

A bit of superficial internet research on her part, means for which I am certain that the New York Times must still be capable of providing her despite its rapid financial free fall, would have demonstrated that the Church did not start yesterday and the presumptuousness of which she is so proud has occurred to others before her and prompted them also to ask: does this Canon posit that Catholics believe the Pope is somehow prevented by God from peccability, that is, from personal sin?

A commentary publicly available on the internet asserts that Canon 1404 is "not a statement about the personal impeccability or inerrancy of the Holy Father".

No, Maureen, I regret to disappoint: you are not original. The Church has faced and answered this question before.

What I would to know is why you are so obviously not interested in a thorough intellectual exercise which would require an attempt to garner all the facts of a case before public pontification? Oh, that's right: newsprint limits and publishing deadlines get in the way. Don't worry, Maureen, the same God who forgives human beings who abuse other people and bishops who make mistakes is also ready to forgive you. Try a little confession. It will also help you with that hate thing. You really don't need it to sell newspapers and you can really get used to that "freeing feeling" once you let God unburden you.

Happy Easter!

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