Thursday, March 11, 2010

Calling All Baltimore Pro-Lifers to Action on Saturday, March 13th

March 9, 2010

Dear Baltimore Pro-Lifers,

If we want to bring an end to legalized child killing we must be willing to use all peaceful means at our disposal. Sometimes we have to be willing to work outside our comfort zone in order to do what is necessary in order to save Pre-Born babies.
This Saturday, March 13th, we will be in a Baltimore suburb to distribute this leaflet in the neighborhood of Abortionist Sheo Sharma.

Defend Life has used this strategy successfully in the past. Abortionists never want their friends and neighbors to know they get paid for killing innocent babies, and this is a peaceful and legal way to expose them where they live.

Think how much it will mean if you can help end the killing by this Abortionist just by spending 1 1/2 hours. We will be through at 10:30am, and if you only have an hour and a half to help save innocent babies this month, please spend it with us this Saturday.

Please remember that we will be messengers of God this weekend, and we need to act in a Christian and responsible manner at all times while we distribute these flyers.

This is an effective and legal means to help discourage Abortionist from continuing their reign of TERROR.

If you can join us this Saturday from 9:00 - 10:30am, please call Irene Walsh at (410) 363-4616. Due to the sensitive nature of this event, only known Pro-Lifers will be allowed to participate.

Thank you for all you do for God's most innocent.

Long Live Christ Our King,

Jack Ames
Defend Life

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