Saturday, January 30, 2021

50 people at Old Saint Mary's in DC for Nellie Gray Memorial Solemn High Mass on January 29, 2021

Including priests and servers on the altar there were a total of about 50 faithful in attendance for the annual Memorial Mass at Old Saint Mary's Church in DC on Friday, January 29th for the heroic founder of the March for Life.

In previous years, since the Mass was first initiated for the repose of Gray's immortal soul, the church is typically packed to overflowing on the afternoon of the annual March for Life.

Gray's successors in leadership of the March decided to cut the attendance down this year by encouraging the thousands who typically come to DC every year to stay home for a COVID-stylr virtual experience.

The remnant are on guard, nonetheless, protecting and handing on our Faith in these dark days, in one of the darkest places in our country, due to hostility against the Church and the most defenseless human lives in the womb.

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