Wednesday, July 1, 2020

My latest column: “Stop Complaining and Start TLM-ing“


The Church is in a deplorable state, we all agree. At least those with eyes to see. Attendance is plummeting through the floor after the devastation of COVID in what were once the largest parishes.
The elderly are being told by their doctors to not return to Mass. In many parishes the retired individuals were keeping the church doors open through their financial and active support as volunteers. They peopled the daily worship in addition to Sunday Masses.
Financial woes continue to plague what were our largest parishes, burdened sometimes with aging physical plants and closed school buildings. Schools are increasingly closing after the financial collapse that overwhelmed the Church in the wake of the Chinese plague shutdown.

Most devastating, however, is the spiritual malaise.
How we treat the Holy Mass and the Eucharist is of the utmost importance. How we celebrate the Holy Mass with unrestrained reverence for and adoration of Christ present in the Eucharist indicates our spiritual health. Or not.

It was reported to me that the Blessed Sacrament was left neglected in a church during the COVID crisis, left abandoned and growing stale during the over three months when public worship ceased.
In how many other places did the same kind of abuse occur? We may never know. The way in which we treat our Lord truly present in the Eucharist makes clear to the Lord if not to others whether or not we have faith.

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