Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stop Sex Ed for 12-18 year olds at Waldorf Public Library

From Georgia Kijesky:

See all contact information below);

Sex-Ed class (March 6th, 6-7:30pm)
is sponsored by the Waldorf West Public library & co-sponsored by a LUBRICANT company.

The "educator" is a self-described "vivacious queer, feminist, & dancer." (see below) Twitter account shows she supports abortion. The talk will include "info on local clinics.." The decision to host this "workshop" was made by Ashley Teagle & Sarah Guy, AFTER investigating & reviewing the material Bianca Palmisano would be presenting, Ms. Teagle informed me. She is confident that Ms. Palmisano is an expert on this topic; that the information needs to be available to all members of the community.

It should be noted that this class is advertised ONLY for teens, BUT, Ms. Teagle 
assured me a security officer is present at our facility during the workshop to ensure safety of children. 

Ashley Teagle, Branch Manager of Waldorf West Library, *refuses* tocancel the class, wholeheartedly believes this "safe-space" needs to be provided for
teens interested in this topic so they have access to the information they want that they cannot find anywhere else (same opinion
espoused by St. Mary's County Deputy Director, Maryann Bowman.).
In a nutshell, she apologized & politely told me to go pound sand. How "PC" of her.

So, the class is still on. I find it curious that such "workshops" would need a parent to sign a waiver for their child to attend, however, this workshop is open to ANY child from 12-18 yrs of age. MINORS. This is borderline sex-offender, no? Despite my concerns, Ms. Teagle "respectfully disagreed," and proceeded to assure me the class will still be on.

So, I contacted; spoke with President of Charles County Commissioners, Claudia Bellony-Atanga. Out of everyone I spoke with, she is the *only* one who actually sounded disturbed, and said as much. Although she did use some PC language, like having to remain biased and open, and actually asked me if I'd be just as concerned if Bianca were straight, she took the time to go to Bianca's twitter page while i was on the phone with her and vocally sounded shocked; repulsed. (Understandably so.).

I also spoke with Janet Salazar, Director of Charles County Libraries. She listenedand reservedly expressed shock asked to investigate on her end; will be calling me back.

Neither has--as of yet--committed to cancelling the class, so we must keep the pressure on. As of 2:45pm Tuesday, Feb. 21st, the class is still being advertised made available to our precious children.

Bianca Palmisano: https://twitter.com/Fun_Size_SexEd
is a self-described "vivacious queer, feminist & dancer"
Her FB page (which I do not have access to, but was told,
shows her involved in "safe-sex space for workers" = prostitution.

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