Saturday, March 14, 2015

"The Church is not of the world": A Young Revert Catholic Defends Cardinal Burke and the Church

"This debate is between those who care about the world and those who care about the salvation of souls."

A young Catholic "revert" shared his recent experience in conversation with the attackers of Cardinal Burke who, in opening their mouths, only prove their ignorance.

"I was on CathNews commenting on a topic concerning Cardinal Burke. I confess I got a bit upset, because I'm tired of seeing him attacked. A lot of Catholics have the wrong impression of Burke, as if he's some Sedevacantist radical.

"One guy told me that I should leave the Church along with 'my cardinal'. Well, here's my response. I hope you don't find it too 'judgmental':

"So, because I spoke up in defense of Burke and against the modernists attacking him for no reason at all, this fellow said that I need to leave the Church along with 'my cardinal'. I responded and he deleted his post, because he knows he's wrong. But I'll tell you what I said, because it shines a light on this debate. I told him that I would never, under any circumstances, tell someone to leave the Church, because that's the same as telling someone to go to Hell. EXTRA ECCLESIAM NULLA SALUS.

"I wonder, you who attack Cardinal Burke for defending the Church's traditions, do you believe in the indefectibility of the Church? Do believe the Church to be One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, the institution of Salvation founded by Christ? Because that appears to me to be the difference in this debate concerning Burke.

"The people who go on about not being 'judgmental' are telling us they find the Magisterium of the Church to be 'judgmental'. They find the words of Our Lord against divorce 'judgmental'. They are concerned with the world's acceptance, forgetting that the Church is not of the world.

"This debate is between those who care about the world and those who care for the salvation of souls. And I wouldn't have said all that if I believed there were ANY truth to the accusation that Burke has attacked Pope Francis. I've read his interviews. He has never attacked the Pope, and would never."

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