Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finding God by losing your religion?

I would not be too surprised to find that the people who "lose their religion" in order to "find God" are the same ones who redefine marriage in the name of "equality".

I overheard some oil baron types talking about religion and the Catholic Fath in an Anchorage hotel lobby so I stepped up and joined them.  After finding out I am a priest one of them was quick to share about a woman he knows who is so happy that she "lost her religion and found God".  A cute slogan, that, and very effective also in intimidating someone who may be moved to disagree.

If we are talking about paganism or non-revealed religions such an approach might work very well.  I suspect though, that nearly everyone who boasts of "losing their religion" would be just as forthright in also declaring themselves Christians.  In that case, the clever-sounding catch-phrase is too cute to be true: Christianity is a revealed religion, that is, not made up by us but taught and led only by the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is very clear that He intended to found a Church, so those who absolve themselves of the task of finding out which is the true Church,among the very many ecclesial bodies which today claim that name, are copping out.

Archbishop Chaput warned recently about the danger of adopting slogans like "marriage equality" that sound compassionate but serve only to mask a lie.  His counsel is good for all of us as we dedicate ourselves to the witness of the New Evangelization.

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