Sunday, June 30, 2013

"The Son of Man has nowhere on earth to lay His head": Buona Domenica from Alaska

Sunday blessings to you from an island along the Bering Sea coast in the new town of Mertarvik.

There are a few new buildings here occupied by an Alaskan family and additional construction underway such as stone and steel supports for an evacuation shelter and for additional homes latuer. Military personnel occupy a base camp along the descent to the river coast only a short distance away. The villagers of Newtok, on the mainland and distant about eight miles by water, are under threat from flooding especially at this time of the year, and would be moved to this location if their homes are threatened by rising waters. 

Army National Guard pilots flew five of us out here Friday in a Blackhawk, approximately 100 miles inland from Bethel. Friday was mild and mostly sunny with temperatures in the 50's or 60's. On Friday evening or Saturday winds, at times topping 50 or 60 mph, picked up bringing rain and colder temps which have held for two days now. We are about 80 personnel, Marines and Sailors. I celebrated the extraordinary form for the vigil of Saints Peter and Paul on Friday, for the Solemnity on Saturday and this morning the ordinary form for our little group at 7 am when we used a new altar constructed by the Seabee's with Latin crosses adorning the front and sides. I am working on getting the means to post pics so please stand by.

The Lord speaks of his poverty and meagre worldly means in the Gospel today. We share a particular solidarity with him here as we are often cold or wet and adjusting often to changing conditions and circumstances. But the sacredness of His holy Person remained nevertheless present to those faithful who shared in the Lord's poverty and self-denial. We live His sacredness by Faith and baptism which open for us the sharing in His holiness through prayer and the sacramental life. Be faithful to the sacredness He offers us always, the grace and sanctification of His Body and Blood. He is faithful and comes to us through our priests whenever we welcome them into the circumstances of our lives whatever they may be . Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever!

I am hoping the weather breaks so that I can get transportation to the town of Newtok and celebrate the Lord's Holy Sacrifice with them. Please join me in praying for this grace. Thank you for reading my post here.

Best wishes and prayers for abundant blessings upon you and your families,

Un povero servo di Dio,

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