Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Marriage is not about equality

Marriage is not about equality.

No one has a right to bring new life into the world. The privilege of being family, the privilege of saying "yes" to the gift of life is at the heart of what marriage always is: about more than two people, about more than what we can see.

Marriage always has about it the air of "perhaps three...or more" because marriage has a heart, a heart to love. Love is alwa...ys about more than self, and in the case of marriage, the love between man and woman, it is necessary that they are able to have a heart for loving ones they cannot see together: the children that may be brought into the world through their God-given union of bodies, minds and spirits in love.

Every child has a right to be brought into the world by a man and woman committed to each other in marriage and thus also committed to the life and love of the child or chidlren that they may bring into the world.

That is why marriage is not about equality.

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